Alien Villainess 2



We took one of the transport ship’s small craft to the planet, Isabella and I. That’s Venus’s name, and one I felt more compelled to refer to her as when we were joined in a symbiotic relationship. The Captain blob wanted to send one or two of his blobs with to fly the craft and keep it ready for our swift departure, which we were going to refuse until Isabella pointed out it looks suspicious that the ship had such an accident with my powers. So we came down in a cramped craft that was stripped of everything but the bare minimum supplies. The crew themselves didn’t take up a lot of space. The blobs can compress themselves really well.

“This craft isn’t designed for combat. Will it be easily detected?” we asked the blobs.

One of them flicked a few switches. “The tech boys reconfigured the basic shields to give off a small profile for early radar. There aren’t a lot of aerial craft to see us. We need to set down outside of the urban center. You can travel quickly?”

“Yes,” we told them. The craft set down in the woods outside of town, though the trees were a little unusual to us. They looked like oversized brown broccoli with green tips. We were barely out of the craft before we took to the sky, letting out a “Woohoo!”

“It’s beautiful,” Isabella said, looking down at the world. “And small.”

“Mhm. Frail,” that thought had a couple of connotations.

If this seems a tad bit confusing, it was for us, too. We were sort of one and the same person. We knew each other’s thoughts and feelings. Our body was one and the same. That was something fun to explore with that avian alien. It was very different from me exploring what it means to possess another person. And the fact that I didn’t just create a copy of her to do whatever I want gave it more meaning to me, even if I could create a duplicate of her that was perfect in every way. Because a perfect copy is still a copy. Which might come across as some grand revelation if it hadn’t already been thought up by some stoner in the parking lot of a 7/11 eating the cheapest burrito on Earth.

In a way, she felt the same. Sharing myself with her like this, she could reach back in time to an earlier me and make me come around quicker. She could make me seek help or stop killing. Give me epiphanies it took years to reach. But it’s not the same. She wanted to know I could change.

I’d never been that open with anyone before. Fears, doubts… and all my wicked temptations. That’s one of the toughest things you can expose to someone. She knew what I want, what I really, really want, and not just to quote Spice Girls. In turn, I knew what she wanted. There’s the usual heroic stuff, like justice and helping people. But also a family. Someone who loves her as a person and not for a mask and costume. A few real friends instead of a bunch of distant teammates and people who put her on a pedestal. Also, to spend a lot of time laying around, eating junk food, and playing video games. It’s a humble goal, but its hers instead of one given to her by the Master Academy. And then here I came, all creepy-flirty and suggestive of her shirking her duties.

We flew into the city, hours left before dawn would break on this planet. The moons brightened up the sky considerably, a string of three pearls in line on the black night sky. I acted as a HUD for her, highlighting the target building, translating street signs and advertisements as we passed by them, and providing the local time. “Quiet or loud?” Isabella thought.

“Go loud or go home. Or go loud to go home, I should say,” I responded. “Hmm.”

The building was lit up and surrounded by a crowd of people, as well as the local peace officers. We stopped and landed on a much taller building nearby, zooming in and enhancing the sound for us. There was one in a fancier outfit than the others, holding some bars that had been bent a good 90 degrees. “It was Dr. Malevolent and his Mighty Robot,” the fancier officer told another who had just arrived. “He broke in and stole the beryllium. We need to find him. I don’t know what he has planned, but it can’t be good for the world.”

I noticed the glint of moonlight off a nearby building and drew Isabella’s attention to it. Someone else was hiding out on rooftops, holding a bulky listening device. He wore a darker outfit to blend in, like a dark vigilante who relies on darkness and deception to stalk criminals. “Another factor, but not important. We just need to find this Dr. Malevolent,” we said to ourselves.

I reached out with my omniscience. “He’s fled to the icy northern reaches of the planet, in a fortress of permafrost, ice crystals, and solitude.”

“I’d like to fly there,” Isabella said.

I smiled using her face. “Sure,” I told her.

I sped it up some, because Dr. Malevolent really was a long ways away, but I gave Isabella a chance to fly. “It’s amazing, isn’t it? Flying under your own power?”

“It’s like…” she started.

“…transcendent,” we finished.

And of course we got shot at by the other person on a rooftop. He swung through the air using a grapple gun, but he’d shot at us with an elongated silver handgun that matched the eyes on his long black mask that resembled a horse’s face to me. It was creepier for the natives of the planet. We smiled. We both wanted to fight this guy. We flew at him. He stopped and fired at a building to the side, zipping away. Didn’t matter. We have power enough to easily destroy a planet. Multiple planets. A galaxy, even.

The costumed vigilante tried a bolo that we tossed aside, then another shot. The bullet did jack squat. The decorative building statue falling on us didn’t do much either. We caught it and tossed it at the vigilante’s line, dropping him. He still had the grapple gun and readied it, firing just in time for us to tackle him onto a rooftop and through the support beam of a small water tank that fell over toward us.

He wheezed, hurt, and sat upright. Holding up a hand, he said, “Wait!” He gasped for air. “I just… wanted…. your… attention.”

“You got it. Happy now?” we said. Along with the thrill of fighting someone who appeared to be a hero, Isabella was already having regrets. It wasn’t much of a fight.

“So… he… could…” the dark crusader started to say. A man landed on the building behind us, cinching his spear against our throat and pinning us against his bronze armor. “do… that…”

We tested the spear. It was tough. Exotic and enchanted elements. We stomped on his foot hard enough to crush it through the roof of the building, then turned and popped him in the belly. He was tough. After the first blow didn’t overcome his enhanced toughness, we made sure the second was better suited for someone with powers. He went flying, leaving us free of the hold. We turned back toward the vigilante, who shot a grapple bolt at our face.

We ducked our head to the side and grabbed it, calling out, “Get over here!” We yanked him toward us but he just let go of the gun. He threw down smoke bombs we could see through, probably to help cover the approach of another of his friends. A woman ran up, wearing yellow and white, leaving a small trail of fire behind her. She moved at superspeed, trying to create isolate us in a whirlwind.

We flew up out of the open top, then smiled. “Bumrush?” Isabella asked in our shared mind. We accelerated down and smashed through the roof, damaging it and throwing off the speedster for a moment. We also had superspeed, and burst through the roof again right behind her. We threw her straight up into the air and flew after her. Behind us, the man with the spear rode a column of water that he then launched himself from to follow us.

“This is fun,” we both thought. “Pointless, but fun.”

We flew around the speedster at super speed, throwing punches before grabbing her by the ankle and tossing her into who we assumed to be her teammate. He caught her, but it left his arms full for when we rushed him and headbutted him down onto the building. That just left the unpowered vigilante… ah, there he was. He thought he could hide in the shadows. He thought the darkness was his ally, but he merely adopted it. We had heat vision and x-ray vision and all kinds of vision. One moment he was looking up at us, the next moment he whirled to find me there poking him on the shoulder.

He looked back up at the sky, then to me. “How?”

I grabbed him up off the roof. “Because I’m Hyperwoman. Who are you and what do you want?”

“I’m darkness. I’m the night. I am Florxman,” he answered. “What connection do you have to Dr. Malevolent?”

“None. I’m just trying to go get the beryllium he stole,” we answered.

“Maybe we can help each other,” he said.

We laughed. “What can you help me with?”

“We’ve fought him. We know what sort of tricks he has. You’re strong, but he’s a brilliant and evil genius. And we could use your strength.” Florxman answered.

“You could use a mint,” we told him.

In our head, she said, “ We could go with them and betray them.”

“Up to you, love,” I told her.

We set Florxman down and turned toward the others approaching. “Fine, we’ll go with you. But we need to hurry. Who are you two?”

“Reservoirman,” the guy with the spear said. He looked to Florxman specifically. “You want her with us after this?”

“You have a better idea?” Florxman asked. He nodded toward the speedster. “Hyperwoman, this is the Flicker.”

The speedster waved to us. We waved back.

That is how we picked a name and met the Justice Alliance. Florxman, Hyperwoman, Reservoirman, the Flicker, and some young sidekicks called the Amazing Twins. “You know what would make the betrayal even better?” Isabella asked privately. The way we were staring at Reservoirman’s ass while walking into the Justice Building in the heart of the city, I had a good idea what she had in mind. It was a nice ass, but that was her attraction seeping through to me.

“Fucking a hero and then betraying them?” I suggested.

We glanced over at The Flicker, lounging ahead of everyone. Isabella pulled a joke out of my head. “A bull and his son look down a hill at a field full of cows. The son says, ‘Dad, let’s run down there and fuck a cow!’ The bull replies, ‘No, son. Let’s walk down there and fuck ’em all.’”

I married this woman.




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