Here is some basic information about those I encounter in my adventures. Expect occasional updates as circumstances change and allow.
Notable Supervillains:
Psychopomp Gecko, aka Psycho Gecko, aka Gex, aka PG by others, aka Me
Age: Unknown
Height: Between 5’8″ and 6’0″
Hair Color: Naturally dark brown, I think.
Sex: It’s been a bit of a dry spell. Oh come on, it was obligatory I make a joke here.
Powers: Tactile techempathy. I touch sufficiently advanced tech and it meld to me like a part of my body with significantly fewer pain receptors.
Distinguishing Features: Trenchcoat, sunglasses, cybernetic eyes, grey and orange paintscheme on power armor and other devices.
Remarks: I won’t spoil too much here, as you can learn much more by reading the stories. If you want my past, there’s something in the archives for that. Curious about my varying height and confusion over hair color? My little nanites can be used to change both, as well as facial features, provided I have enough to spare on that. I am a bit of an assassin and have some notoriety from killing multiple heroes, which is somewhat frowned upon more than usual. I guess the only other thing to say is that while I shorten my name to Psycho, people seem to think it is in reference to my mental state for some reason. Like I’m crazy. Pshaw.

Elita the Warrior Woman
Age: Don’t hit me!
Height: 7’2″
Hair Color: Blond. Or possible Blonde.
Sex: Wonderfully female.
Powers: Super Strength, Enhanced Physique, Increased Durability, Most Common
Distinguishing Features: Well, she is a 7’2″ woman who can toss a car around like it’s a toy.
Remarks: Past client. One mean backhand. Not a fan of Space Marines. A little intimidating, so probably not interested in a guy like me asking for a date. Horrible to sit behind in the movie theater. A heavy hitter often sought out to pound on a hero for awhile.

Mix N’Max
Age: 33, surprisingly
Height: 6’0″
Hair Color: Hell if I know under all that dye. Either black or dark red most commonly.
Sex: Male. Tends to keep a few women minions about.
Powers: Substance Control, Mad Scientist
Distinguishing Features: He smiles a lot and has a wonderful singing voice. Dresses like a goth.
Remarks: One third of what he has dubbed the “Dark Triad,” a group composing myself and The Good Doctor as well. The three of us are prominently known for some creepiness and having murdered heroes, both of which are out of the ordinary for most supervillains. Despite his cheerful demeanor and amazing concoctions, he does not sample his own brews as often as you’d think. Said concoctions range from having the effects of common drugs to far more fanciful and scientifically impossible abilities. Makes his living as a drug dealer and apothecary. Occasionally mentions a sister.

—-Sam Hain
Age: 22
Height: 5’6″
Hair Color: Purple
Sex: Female
Powers: None
Distinguishing Features: Snark, attitude.
Remarks: Mix N’Max attracts his share of helpers though he doesn’t care a whole lot about having them as most of them come for reasons he doesn’t care about. He’s not a free ride for drugs or an aspiring kingpin. Sam is different. She showed up with her best friend Holly in tow to make a deal. They’d help Max with whatever he wanted if he would fix something that would clean Holly’s system of what she was on and prevent a relapse. He agreed. Max has found Sam to be more reliable and motivated than many of his past helpers, perhaps due to her genuine gratitude and caring.

—-Holly Wayne
Age: 22
Height: 5’3″
Hair Color: Brown
Sex: Female
Powers: None
Distinguishing Features: Looks far too preppy for the crowd she runs with.
Remarks: Holly isn’t the first junkie that’s worked for Max, but she is the only one he’s tolerated this long. She wasn’t into anything hard at first until her dealer got forced out of business by someone much more serious about drugs. He didn’t take kindly to Holly wanting to clean herself up and injected her with Fearsum, a drug for daring horror fans. It was designed to be persistent and addicting. Holly’s old friend Sam helped her get away and got her to Mix N’Max, who cured her problem in exchange for her staying on as a helper to him for awhile. She has proven to be useful to him as well, doing her best to live up to the debt she owes Sam and Max.

The Good Doctor (incarcerated)
Age: 50
Height: 6’1″ Seriously, I need to stop hanging out with all you tall people.
Hair Color: Light brown
Sex: British
Powers: X-ray vision
Distinguishing Features: Sexy British Accent. Black leather costume. Condescension.
Remarks: British. The last third of our Dark Triad, he never meshed quite well with any of us supervillains. Deals in organs that he removes from hapless victims. Prefers scalpels, knives, and garrotes. His scalpel has been enhanced to cut through tougher materials, enabling him to perform a life-ectomy on heroes. Good at finding a person’s physical weaknesses with his powers. Contrary to what I’ve heard, neither he nor all British people are accomplished Shakespearean actors. Has a daughter. Also has a good singing voice.

Captain Flamebeard (in custody)
Age: 43
Height: 6’3″
Hair Color: Sometimes dark red, sometimes firey red, depending on if it’s on fire.
Sex: Male
Powers: Ability to light surfaces on fire and have them remain functional.
Distinguishing Features: Dresses like a pirate, has a big flaming beard.
Remarks: He and his gang of pirate-themed henchmen often take to the skies in their ship, the Pompeii’s Revenge. What it needs revenge for, I don’t know, because I’m pretty sure the volcano won that fight.

Snowblower (in custody)
Age: Early twenties
Height: 5’7″
Hair Color: White
Sex: Male
Powers: Localized freezing power controlled via hands.
Distinguishing Features: Pale skin, white hair, tended to work with Flamethrower
Remarks: As mentioned above, he and Flamethrower were a team. They were cocky little guys who, like so many supers do early on, believed their powers alone put them on a level beyond regular people. He probably holds a grudge because of what happened to Flamethrower.

Flamethrower (deceased)
Age: Early twenties
Height: 5’10”
Hair Color: Black
Sex: Male
Powers: Flame generation along body and outward from hands.
Distinguishing Features: Hairy mole on upper right butt cheek, benign.
Remarks: Snowblower’s partner, but only professionally as far as I know. He thought he was hot stuff. The pair only had a few jobs and hero encounters in the city. They probably had more scuffles back home, but most small-town heroics don’t make it to the national news level with so many more dangerous encounters going on for larger amounts of money.

Notable Heroes:

Jetbomb (Deceased)
Age: Teens
Height: Cremated
Hair Color: Ash
Sex: Removed from gene pool
Powers: Sucking and dying. Possible super scientist at aerodynamics and/or dimensional transmission tech.
Distinguishing Features: Doesn’t breathe anymore.
Remarks: I would like to know where he got this device from. I can recreate it if I have to, but the schizo tech on this world is hard to keep track of. It’s important to keep an eye on how far along they get at traveling between alternate universes.

Holdout (Deceased, Alive, Deceased, Alive, Deceased, Alive)
Age: Teens
Height: 5’7″
Hair Color: Dark red
Sex: I don’t know what you’ve heard…
Powers: Hammerspace to an unknown limit. Advanced gun with special ammo.
Distinguishing Features: Nice ass, a collection of burns and scars I gave him, jailbait.
Remarks: He’s got balls, I’ll give him that. Changed his costumed identity after our encounters to honor his mentor. Despite what Screwhaul may have said, nothing happened between us but a little light torture and attempted homicide. Started as Sixgun’s sidekick but was moving away into being his own person when Sixgun died. Known for being surprisingly good at investigative work.

Sixgun (Deceased)
Age: 43
Height: 6’0″
Hair Color: Black
Sex: Compensating for something
Powers: Mystical gun with special effects.
Distinguishing Features: Sensitive about his name because he dresses like a superhero Lone Ranger
Remarks: More balls than brains, so you know where Holdout learned it from. Started out with a horse before realizing it wasn’t as useful for chasing down fleeing criminals. Took on a sidekick, Holdout, about halfway through his career, with Holdout eventually growing into less of a sidekick as time went on. He never stopped being the boy’s mentor though. Also participated in gun safety seminars in schools to help raise awareness of their inherent dangers. Not half bad of an investigator.

Age: 20
Height: 5’1″ Finally, someone I’m always taller than.
Hair Color: Black
Sex: She’s got a lot of gadgets…
Powers: Super scientist
Distinguishing Features: Likes to pack a lot of gear on because of purpose-built weapons and personal stubbornness
Remarks: Builds various electronic gadgets. Utilizes very thin armor that provides no physical benefits beyond defense. She keeps her head clear and always has some manner of goggle on hand. She also frequently makes use of a backpack set up to hold various tools and inventions while on patrol. I instinctively dislike her.

Mechamoto Musashi
Age: Early twenties
Height: 5’10”
Hair Color: Unknown
Sex: Sure knows how to swing a phallic weapon, doesn’t he?
Powers: Unable to determine at this time beyond: proficiency with a katana.
Distinguishing Features: Samurai-themed power armor that glows red and blue. Tends to leave a light trail behind him that seems to be just light.
Remarks: Relative unknown. I don’t know if he really has powers, where he got the armor from, or even what color his skin is.

Age: Late teens or early twenties
Height: 5’9″
Hair Color: Unknown
Sex: Possessed of the boobage and curves of a female
Powers: Unable to determine at this time beyond: flight.
Distinguishing Features: White costume with red cross or plus sign on it. Glows for some reason.
Remarks: Like Mechamoto, another relative unknown. Says they are part of a newer group of heroes to show up on the scene. Too early to figure up her powers or much else about her aside from the name, which is of limited helpfulness.

Age: Forties
Height: Statuesque
Hair Color: Grey, black, sometimes spotted with stones
Sex: He has a male part on the rocks
Powers: Rockiform. Can draw from nearby sources of earthy materials to enhance his size, strength, durability, and give him projectiles
Distinguishing Features: Has the body of a Greek god that’s been rotated one too many times in a cement truck. Never really caught on with the kids. Extremely durable, but weight, mobility, and the inability to keep a colorful costume on his body have caused him problems working with other heroes in the past. Not brooding enough to make a splash with the darker crowd.

The Honky Tonk Hero
Age: 31
Height: 6’0″
Hair Color: Shiny and slick
Sex: Nothin’ but a hound dog
Powers: Magical guitar, flight, enhanced durability, super strength, eye lasers
Distinguishing Features: The world’s most powerful Elvis impersonator.
Remarks: For most of his career, Honk Tonk has stayed in Memphis as a celebrated piece of the local culture. Memphis traditionally being a city of more mundane crime, he never got a lot of attention on his own. At one point they looked like they wanted to fall all over him, but it turned out he couldn’t play guitar or sing all that well.

Gorilla Awesome
Age: No friggin’ clue
Height: 5’11” but he seems a lot bigger in person
Hair Color: Dark brown and black
Sex: Like they do on the discovery channel
Powers: Super intelligent, gorilla-level strength and durability, the ability to talk (for his species it is a superpower)
Distinguishing Features: He’s a big talking gorilla with a jetpack.
Remarks: Gorilla Awesome comes from a line of smart talking gorillas that traces its noble lineage back. They have been noteworthy through history, with Gorilla Awesome’s ancestors including such heroes as Gorilla Epic, Gorilla Legendary, and Gorilla Mythic. His relation to Gorilla Superfluous is currently unknown. He seems to have a good grasp on science, as he wields a jetpack, laser, and wrist-mounted grappling hook. Gorilla Awesome had tried to retire in peace, but I awoke the sleeping giant when I visited the Memphis Zoo.

Age: 24
Height: 5’5″
Hair Color: Black
Sex: Female
Powers: Highly trained martial artist
Distinguishing Features: Tenacity and resolve
Remarks: The Master Academy may have stuck her with a suggestive name, but she’s proven she’s far more than just a pretty face. As part of a publicity push to attract students to the Master Academy to be trained as heroes, she’s been sent around the U.S. to take on supervillains in one on one combat, with very few losses. She’s heard all the sexist insults that can be thrown at her by both villains and those who think a woman’s place isn’t in a costume, and it would be hard to tell if they faze her at all. She stands strong behind the mission of Master Academy, even if it stunk of exploitation at first.

Notable Others:

Space Marines
Age: -37987
Height: 7′ or taller. Giant bastards.
Hair Color: Heretical
Sex: No evidence they have it. Oooh, that’s a real impressive way to breed the next generation of super soldiers.
Powers: Increased Durability, Enhanced Physique
Distinguishing Features: Power armor and lots of chainsaws. Officers rank indicated by size of shoulderpads. No sense of humor.
Remarks: Apparently thought someone would tamper with history to get rid of them by also using the term “Space Marine” so they staged an attack on the present. They figured that if they prevented anyone else from legally using that term, then whoever decided to create space marines in the future would stick to making their version only. Due to a transmission from yours truly that suggested some alterations to the popular concept of the space marine, they were caught in a parodyox and attacked by various other forces from the future inspired by recent science fiction.

Sister Moonflower, aka Moonflower Rockefeller
Age: 49
Height: 5’2″
Hair Color: Light brown
Sex: She loves everybody, man, especially Mother Earth
Powers: Plant control
Distinguishing Features: All natural messy hair, tie dye, generally just looks like a hippie
Remarks: Sister Moonflower is a child of the Summer of Love who just happened to be born too late and in the wrong family. Still, her money as part of a distant branch of Rockefellers affords her the pursuit of her eccentricities. To that end, she owns the Earthy Goods pottery store and the Low Earthy Bar underneath it. The store is her passion, but the bar requires much of her attention as it has quickly become a bad guy bar. She rarely needs to step in anymore to keep the peace, and she’s known as reasonable, if loopy. She won’t allow a sting or raid on the bar, but neither is she breaking the law herself. She loves all of Mother Earth’s children, even those that hate the rest of the world, and she’s willing to shelter them until they blossom or whither.

Bennett Long (Deceased)
Age: 51
Height: 5’8″
Hair Color: Dark brown with grey
Sex: Pharmaceutically aided
Powers: None
Distinguishing Features: Slightly bulbous nose. Widow’s peak. A little extra weight, but more distinguished than morbid.
Remarks: Former friend of The Good Doctor. Owner of Long Life Corporation, which provides health services and plastic surgery to the wealthy, premium medical care in combat zones, and some hospitals in the United States. Apparently wants to be mayor of the Kingscrow. Set out a substantial bounty on The Good Doctor. Not a potential client due to his tendency to renege on a deal. As of the conclusion of A New Boss in Kingscrow, he has resigned from Long Life to pursue a job as a florist, specifically pushing daisies.


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