Fair Warning

I know y’all have had to get used to late updates lately, and unfortunately I can’t be completely certain they’re going to stop this month. Optimal Outer Control’s a bit busier than usual in his normal time now, and it’s cutting into all the fun stuff like “the internet” or “sleep” or “anything other than work”. Because of that, I’d like to say that updates will probably be at least an hour later than they have been. I anticipate tonight’s might be even worse than that, and I apologize.

Y’all will be informed when things calm down, but these are the sad, sad consequences of OOC having to work for the Man. Hopefully, we’ll be getting a donation button installed soon that people can help him out a bit without supporting criminal activity.

See ya a little later on, folkd.


One thought on “Fair Warning

  1. Masterofbones

    How dare you fail to give me my completely free excellent quality entertainment at the exact moment you said you would have it up! There is no forgiveness for you taking care of your own life before working to make me a happier person!

    Frankly, I am disgusted. I never thought you would fall so low.

    More seriously though, don’t worry about it. You are a fairly consistent poster, and I appreciate every chapter you publish. So take care of what you need to, and I will be here… waiting. Because I really do look forward to your stories, but I can be patient. It’s worth the wait.


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