Standoff Dance Off

It came down to this.

The Amazing Brain versus Psycho Gecko. One was the world’s most powerful clairvoyant and telepath who was also holding a molecular accelerator cannon in his hands. The person it was pointed at was an annoyance.

“So you see, Psycho Gecko, any action you take against me, I’ll be able to see it and aim accordingly,” he said. He heard 15 possible responses in his head at once before Gecko’s real one.

“So I can see you have to be so careful because you don’t have time for a second shot before I get you and that thing is slow enough to dodge.”

“I never said that.”

“You never didn’t say it.”

“It’s your move, psycho one.”

“Then I choose to bust it,” Gecko said as he began to dance. Brain shifted into a better stance to cover him if he attacked from that position. It was true that at this range he had only one shot to hit the supervillain. Due to the way the gun charged up, it could be dodged by a cunning opponent. Every scenario showed Gecko capable of detecting the charge with his armor and evading. If he wanted to survive this, the other man would have to attack him or run for it. Instead he was doing the robot. Poorly.

The supervillain naturally made his powers more difficult to use. Too random. Now it was even worse, given all the possible phat moves his opponent may break out, including completely random ones. The Running Man. The Cabbage Patch. The Hammer Dance. Gangam Style. He needed to be wary.

The villain tried a more seductive number next. When he sang along, the Brain could hear music playing from inside the helmet. “Oooh, Macavity, Macavity, there’s no one like Macavity, he’s a fiend in feline shape, a monster of depravity.”

10 minutes later, he began to notice how tired his arms were getting holding the rifle. From the grin in Psycho Gecko’s head, he could tell the other man realized it as well. He was just dancing there, taunting him, the same excited and frantic movements of the old man from the Six Flags commercials. The song blared out of his helmet.

The villain’s solution was to stall him with an utterly useless action until he was forced to run, fire, or drop the gun. He’d never even seen it coming because he knew Psycho Gecko was always going to try and attack him. He’d just glossed over everything that wasn’t that attack. Now it was Brain’s move. Fire, run, or drop the gun.

Psycho Gecko commenced doing the Worm ominously. His powers told him this was a man determined to do the Worm as long as it takes to defeat him.

With every moment, the rifle weighed more on his arms.

“Your move, Brain,” he heard in Gecko’s thoughts.


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